USAID's Investments for Environment in Afghanistan - Dollars to Results

Results of USAID's Environment spending

FY 2011 $6.5 M

FY 2012 $1.4 M

FY 2013 $3.2 M

FY 2014 $1.3 M

FY 2015 $3.8 M

In Afghanistan, more than 5,800 workers are involved in building an integrated watershed management system in the flood-prone hills of Balkh Province. They are constructuing terraces and check dams in order to slow the force of water, prevent run-off, and conserve soil. Additionally they are planting pistachio trees to increase water filtration, prevent soil erosion, and provide livelihood opportunities.

Pistachio reforestation activities.

Pistachio reforestation activities have created jobs for rural villagers and enabled communities to work together towards long-term sustainable development.

Afghan Conservation Corps

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