USAID's Investments for Democracy and Governance in Cambodia - Dollars to Results

Results of USAID's Democracy and Governance spending

FY 2011 $9.0 M

FY 2012 $6.6 M

FY 2013 $8.8 M

FY 2014 $8.3 M

FY 2015 $6.6 M

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Cambodia’s transition to democracy started approximately 20 years ago with the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. Cambodia’s parliamentary elections in 2013 were a turning point in which the opposition won an unprecedented 55 seats out of 123 in the National Assembly. Nevertheless, political power remains imbalanced, and opposition parties struggle for sufficient political space to reach out to the electorate. The judiciary remains weak, complicating the legal process.

USAID's Democracy and Governance program in Cambodia aims to:

  • Strengthen democratic political culture and civil society by supporting the means through which citizens can freely organize, advocate, and communicate
  • Promote government institutions that are democratic, effective, responsive, sustainable, and accountable to citizens
  • Ensure that elections are competitive and reflect the will of an informed citizenry
  • Advance and protect individual rights and promote societies in which the state and its citizens are accountable to laws.
USAID is nurturing the development of the next generation of Cambodian leaders.

USAID is nurturing the development of the next generation of Cambodian leaders.

Dustin Roasa, USAID

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