USAID's Investments for Humanitarian Assistance in Pakistan - Dollars to Results

Results of USAID's Humanitarian Assistance spending

FY 2011 $109.7 M

FY 2012 $63.2 M

FY 2013 $87.9 M

FY 2014 $77.2 M

FY 2015 $75.8 M

USAID is always prepared to provide emergency aid to those in need around the world. USAID programs provide immediate relief in the aftermath of a crisis while also setting the stage for recovery and rehabilitation. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing tools and seeds to allow farmers to replant crops,
  • Offering psychosocial care to traumatized disaster survivors, and
  • Helping affected people get back on their feet.

Click here for additional information on USAID's Humanitarian Assistance work in Pakistan.

Humanitarian Assistance in Pakistan

USAID Pakistan works to alleviate human suffering resulting from natural and man-made disasters by supporting rescue, relief and recovery operations as well as disaster preparedness response. 


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