USAID's Investments for Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation in South Sudan - Dollars to Results

Results of USAID's Conflict Mitigation and Reconciliation spending

FY 2011 $23.4 M

FY 2012 $5.0 M

FY 2013 $17.9 M

FY 2014 $12.8 M

FY 2015 $18.2 M

USAID programming in South Sudan uses community-based approaches to mitigate and manage incidences of violence and the historic cycle of conflict, through facilitating inter-ethnic dialogue, engaging at-risk populations, and catalyzing local economies through creation of jobs and improvement of basic services.

Football tournament to advocate for peaceful coexistence

USAID sponsored a youth football tournament to advocate for peaceful coexistence among communities from diverse ethnic, religious, and linguistic backgrounds.

AECOM International Sudan

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Investments and results for fiscal year 2011 include USAID non-humanitarian development activities in Sudan as whole, the majority of which was focused in South Sudan.