USAID's Investments for Peace and Security in Uganda - Dollars to Results

Results of USAID's Peace and Security spending

FY 2011 $0.9 M

FY 2012 $0.2 M

FY 2013 $2.1 M

FY 2014 $3.5 M

FY 2015 $3.3 M

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Uganda has experienced relative development progress, stability, and economic growth after decades of internal conflict and regional turmoil.  While peace has begun to solidify and violent conflicts in other regions have decreased, Uganda still faces numerous internal challenges such as population growth, power and infrastructure constraints, corruption, underdeveloped democratic institutions, and human rights deficits.

USAID's Peace and Security program in Uganda aims to:

  • Mitigate conflict
  • Promote reconciliation
Residents of a camp for internally displaced persons.

Residents of a camp for internally displaced persons.

K. Burns, USAID

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